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I recently relocated to Raleigh, from Los Angeles, where I spent 10 years photographing weddings and events in L.A.’s premier venues. Since moving to Raleigh, in December of 2013, I have shifted my focus to primarily editorial style commercial and restaurant photography services. Capitalizing upon the need in the industry and community, and utilizing my MBA, I have enhanced my client’s photography experience by also adding valuable marketing assets and tools to service packages.

The food scene, here in Raleigh, is growing exponentially and it’s so exciting to have arrived here on the precipitous of this explosion. Coming from a market that was bursting at the seems, it’s such a breath of fresh air to watch ideas grow, come into fruition and succeed.

I didn’t know until I moved here, that I am so passionate and excited about food photography. I love the story, the ideas and everything behind making a dish, so, to have opportunities to translate that history and the dining experience into a photograph is awesome. What adds to the fun and excitement of photographing food is also spending time in the trenches; shooting the kitchen when dinner services hits, capturing the bartenders making their guests feel at home… all of it is exhilarated and different from day to day.

In trying to figure out how to switch gears and focus less on weddings and family photo shoots and more on food photography, restaurant photography and services for the hospitality industry, I decided to create a spin off website, from Felicia Perry Photography, called Food-Seen.

Food-Seen showcases my food photography services, including desserts and beverage, photojournalistic restaurant and event imagery, and posed portraits and headshots. In addition to offering photography services for local restaurants, food events, non-profit events and more, I have also been creating marketing tools for my clients that span beyond photography and into website design, print ad design and networking. The transition from offering photographic services to offering marketing services was really quite simple. The value in any marketing campaign is the message and emotion you evoke with your imagery. Having the tools to create websites, design print ads and understanding social media, created a great platform for me to use the images I capture to further promote that business that I shoot for and create a sense of continuity and community.







The Scoop.

I have admittedly neglected this blog but not because things are slow, quite the contrary! My last post was on August 7th and since then, it has been quite the whirlwind! To fill ya’ll in (I can use that word now that I live in the south!) I decided to summarize my most recent projects, exploits and more!

Midtown Grille: It may or may not be known that I handle the marketing for Midtown Grille in North Hills, Raleigh. I do all of their food photography, web design, print ad design and social media. It’s like my alternate personality, especially when I’m tweeting throughout the day with foodies, chefs, publications and the like! Lately, I’ve been having a blast with promoting Midtown’s Thanksgiving service. I’ve been finding the most ridiculous turkey and Thanksgiving related images online, and using them as a cautionary tale against Thanksgiving preparations and encouraging Raleigh residents to skip the cooking and make a reservation!

Thanksgiving Fail

Los Angeles: I can’t stay away. I love Raleigh but it’s so wonderful that I regularly make trips back to LA to shoot and visit with friends and family! In October, I headed back out for a weekend… and what a weekend it was! Every second of my day was filled and I loved every second of it! I did 10 shoots in three days and managed to fit in lunch and dinner dates with my closest friends and family. Felicia Perry Photography Family Photo Shoot Manhattan Beach

BREW: Also in October, I was asked to have my photography, from my June Bravura show at Brushstroke Gallery, on display at Brew in Downtown Raleigh. I was so honored that they loved my work enough to stare at it day in and day out on their walls! It was also a great excuse to regularly head to Seaboard Station and have some fantastic coffee and/ or a fantastic local beer! 10378266_759131404158525_7445646189394668115_nBrushstroke Studio and Gallery: As I previously mentioned, I did a show at Brushstroke in June and really have not been able to stay away! I love this place! So much so that I have taken on a new project! I have signed on to help promote Brushstroke, within the Raleigh community, as a working studio, gallery and amazing event space. I LOVE the space, I love the art and I love Susan Bolick, its proprietor. I will be updating the Brushstroke website, sending out promotional materials, arranging events throughout the coming year and of course, photographing new art pieces and some of the events that will be going on in the coming month.

Felicia Perry Photography Bravura at Brushstroke Studio and Gallery

Chickenwire: There is a secret supper club in Raleigh that holds monthly tasting dinners, created by some of Raleigh’s best chefs, and I had the privileged opportunity to shoot their inaugural event! Had I known that the theme was going to be “Offal” I may have reconsidered! None-the-less, the event was unbelievable; I had the time of my life taking pictures and watching diners learn what the term “offal” meant and truth be told, the dishes were quite tasty!  10003029_771922322879433_7669196324093668569_n

Cotton: At the ChickenWireNC event, I met Alison Blevins, THE production department at WNCN (Raleigh’s version of KTLA). Alison generously recommended my photography services to local multimedia company that was in search of a photographer for an upcoming project. The result was that I spent an entire day shooting out in the cotton fields of Wilson, North Carolina. I have spend a lot of time in vineyards up and down the California coast and in Italy but standing shoulder high in a cotton field was a totally new and thrilling experience! Felicia Perry Photography Cotton Firlds Wilson North Carolina

‘Tis The Season!: Since I’m clearly not busy enough, I have been shooting a lot of family sessions, in anticipation of the holiday season! It’s been so much fun getting to know families throughout Raleigh and learning to shoot in an entirely new environment. Gone are the days of warm winters on the beach, golden hours not obscured by trees and knowledge of all the best and hidden gems in the city! What I do welcome is the incredible spectrum of Autumn leaves, vast and reflecting lakes and learning all about the city I now call home.

Felicia Perry Photography Shelley Lake Autumn

Food-Seen: Last, but certainly not the least, is my new baby… Food-Seen. Food-Seen is my spin-off website dedicated exclusively to food photography and marketing assets for the food, restaurant and hospitality industries. Food-Seen showcases my food photography, restaurant events and promotional shoots, foodie events and really anything related to the industry. Raleigh is growing exponentially and so is its food scene. To be a part of a city and a movement that has traction, excitement and a bright future is beyond exciting and being a part of it makes me feel thrilled and totally fulfilled! Food-Seen by Felicia Perry Photography

I Love Brunch!

Brunch is definitely my favorite meal of the day! You have the option to eat dessert for breakfast, dinner for breakfast, breakfast for lunch and drink unabashedly while doing so.

I still shoot plenty of family portraits, newborns, pregnancies and weddings, since moving to Raleigh, but one of my favorite projects is food photography! I love food, dining and the comradery that goes along with experiencing an incredible meal, with people whose company you enjoy.

One of my continuous projects is managing the food photography and promotion of the incredible dishes at Midtown Grill, in North Hills. With a new chef and a new menu, there is definitely no shortage of work… and taste testing to be done!

Brunch 001 Brunch 004 Brunch002 Brunch003

Food Photography in Raleigh

Since moving to Raleigh, I have taken on some great food related projects – which I love – as I consider myself a little bit of a foodie. I manage all food and event photography for Midtown Grille in North Hills, including their website, ad design and social media management.  So, if you’re on Twitter or Facebook and you are a follower of Midtown Grille and are constantly barraged by mouth watering, tempting, will-power-destroying images of decadent food – well, I’m responsible for that. In addition to working for Midtown, I also volunteer my photographic skills to Ethnosh. Ethnosh is a local and growing movement that creates awareness and events around locally owned ethnic restaurants. Bourbon Dinner 010Bourbon Dinner 003Bourbon Dinner 002Bourbon Dinner 009Bourbon Dinner 004Bourbon Dinner 008Bourbon Dinner 001Bourbon Dinner 007Bourbon Dinner 006

Pho Vietnam 001 Pho Vietnam 004 Pho Vietnam 003 Pho Vietnam 002

Shelley Lake, Raleigh

I have been in Raleigh for eight months now and I love it! In such a short amount of time I have found it to be an amazing place with so much to do, lots to explore and endless photogenic locations. I find lots of great places to explore, when I’m out with my girls and these often lead to great backdrops when I bring my clients out for a photo shoot. Once of my favorite spots to enjoy with my family and to use for family photo sessions and other photo shoots is Shelley Lake. It’s just so different from what I’m used to in California and it’s one of the first, picturesque locations I discovered. During the Spring, the white blossoms on the trees are incredible and as we shift into Summer, the greenery is overwhelming… I can’t imagine how beautiful Fall is going to be! To view my most up-to-date portfolio, visit Facebook or www.FeliciaPerryPhotography.com.


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